Vol 10 (2017)

A panel of expert authors review the major aspects of heart failure.  This issue (first published in a modifed form as a Book ISBN 978-1-910303-09-2) covers the recent advances in the diagnosis and the management of this rapidly growing cardiovascular subspecialty and provides an update on guideline-based management of heart failure. Written by renowned international experts, it is the most updated text on heart failure and a central resource for clinicians caring for patients with heart failure. It offers practical guidance that goes beyond the dry tables of the official guidelines and describes the background, the uncertainties and the newer treatments on the verge of practical implementation.

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Mitja Lainscak, Ilaria Spoletini, Andrew Coats
Ilaria Spoletini, Mitja Lainscak
Ilaria Spoletini, Cristiana Vitale
Giuseppe Rosano
Cristiana Vitale, Giuseppe Rosano
Giuseppe Rosano
Ewa A Jankowska, Andrew JS Coats, Stefan D Anker
Yuri M. Lopatin, Giuseppe MC Rosano
Ilaria Spoletini, Andrew Coats
Ilaria Spoletini, Andrew Coats
Andrew Coats
Andrew Coats, Stefan Anker
Giuseppe Rosano, Petar Seferovic
Yuri Lopatin, Andrew JS Coats
Ilaria Spoletini, Petar Seferovic
Andrew J Stewart Coats, Giuseppe MC Rosano, Yuri M. Lopatin
Giuseppe Rosano
Andrew Coats
Andrew Coats
Andrew JS Coats, Louise G Shewan, William T Abraham
Ewa Jankowska
Stephan von Haehling, Ewa Jankowska, Stefan D Anker